Pasquale Aiello @pasqualeaiello
18 September, 05:19
The purpose of this Feedback Session is to feed the comparison on ethics in governance systems in order to carry out the research project:

“From the scientific method to the linear solution of
governance problems of complex systems at the time of

We have identified as drivers of research the four levers of change

– governance
- economics and finance
- individual and collective action
- science and technology

that should be consistently explained and combined to bring
about transformative change.

All actors should be for coordinated efforts and
dare to prioritise the coherence of policies in all areas.

Ethics plays the main role but parameterize it with scientific rigor requires indepth studies and unconventional methodologies.

Question 1: What method can be used to measure the ethical capabilities of an organizational context?

Question 2: Do you want join Research?

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#CorporateSocialResponsibility #OrganizationalCulture ,
#HumanResourceManagement #Human Resources, #UNIPID
#AppliedBehaviorAnalysis | Ethical Challenges for Business in the New Millennium: Corporate Social Responsibility and Models of Management Morality | Public Policy Implementation and Development Administration | Ethical Leadership |
Ethical Behaviour In Businesses | Ethical and Socially Responsive Business | Transumanesimo |

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